Creative Process: Our design process works to synthesize the parameters of each project into creative solutions that are developed directly with our clients, sensitive to their environments, and are of the highest possible quality. To do so, we have identified specific methods that contribute to an efficient and effective team design process:

Analyze: We begin with thorough research and critical investigation of the specific criteria that define each project. We facilitate peer facilities visits, evaluation, and benchmarking studies, in order to work with you to develop a detailed project program and a clear understanding of your project goals.

Synthesize: This is characterized by energized, participatory programming and ideation workshops with all project constituents. This trans-disciplinary design approach, with early and sustained involvement by the owner, stakeholders, consultants, and engineers facilitates deeply integrated design solutions.

Iterate: Early, rapid iteration of design alternates shortens the feedback loop between project stakeholders and promotes an efficient and effective overall design process. This pattern visually represents tested project concepts and empirical information quickly to facilitate well-informed, confident decision making.

Methods and Mediums: Clearly defined lines of communication between design team and client are established at project kick-off and are maintained through the completion of the built project. We maintain direct, sustained, and significant involvement of FortyEighty Principals throughout the entire design AND construction process. Our design process is tuned to your unique project and schedule with appropriately applied skills, technologies, and visualization tools:

Sketch concepts and renderings: Rapid, real time conceptualization and project visualization.

Physical modeling: Study models at multiple scales in addition to presentation model capabilities.

CADD: AutoCADD 2011, with established layer standards facilitates team coordination. Secure web-based file sharing facilitates the distribution and management of project information.

Computer modeling Study: models of spaces and details in addition to rendering capabilities.

Prototypes and Fabrication: Design work with constructors and fabricators during the design process to establish effective means to realize designs within budget parameters.

Construction Administration: Rigorous follow-thru throughout the construction of the project, with post-occupancy surveys and meetings to verify component performance.