Ms. Gong’s experience covers a broad range of building types, and she plays a key role in directing the design process, leading teams throughout the entire project, from inception of design through construction and occupancy. Recently, Ms. Gong has worked closely with the Uptown Community Action Group and the children at the Jubilee Soup Kitchen after school program, a relationship established during a year long Urban Design Studio. Through a research grant award, she was part of a collaborative effort to capture images of the community, which were displayed as an outdoor projection onto a billboard at a key location in the neighborhood for three evenings, drawing proud residents out onto the street. The intent of this temporal experiment was to evoke reactions and change the perceptions of the community. This led to participation in a city sponsored public arts project to beautify the garden at the soup kitchen, and the Green Lots project which is a study to allow urban vacant lots to return to its natural state over a period of time.

Her community activities also include teaching Pre-School Fire Safety with the American Red Cross, and empowering Chinese American citizens through voter registration with the Chinatown Voter Education Alliance in New York. Ms. Gong has had the opportunity to work with people with diverse backgrounds and needs, which is a great asset to any design team.