Over the past fifteen years with FortyEighty Architecture, Jack Riley has demonstrated exceptional project management skills, especially where complex technical and logistical requirements necessitate unique approaches to solving problems. His abiity to synthesize aesthetic intent with performative goals has resulted in successful outcomes for the projects where he has led FortyEighty’s design efforts. A testimony to this success is the fact that a significant portion of the projects on which Jack is involved are for repeat clients.

Mr. Riley’s project experience covers a wide range of project types, including educational, commercial, and institutional facilities, and includes new building construction as well as renovation projects. Several of Jack’s recent projects have involved renovations to existing educational and institutional facilities that required intensive investigation and coordination work in order to integrate new project requirements into the existing building infrastructure.

Prior to becomming an architect, Jack was a mechanical engineer with Lockheed Martin in California, where his efforts focused on creating computer models of satellite systems. As a result of this strong technical foundation, Mr. Riley brings to his architectural work a predisposition to investigating ways to achieve maximum performance from building materials and systems, which is complemented by his exceptional ability to comprehend and coordinate technical aspects of projects.