This project was designed and constructed as a regional administrative and field office for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with a builder/developer. Site constraints limited the allowable footprint of buildable area on the site and prevented a building to be constructed with a desirable configuration and orientation to maximize wall and window exposure to the south. As a result, the desire to optimize opportunities for maximizing energy efficiency led to improved daylighting through the use of several rows of clerestory windows. The building itself reflects an industrial aesthetic: its modular structural system and the composition of metal siding, punched window openings, and clerestory windows provide a visually stimulating exterior, a fitting expression for the rural industrial park.

An on-site measurement device confirmed that generation of power through capturing wind energy is feasible on this site. Windmills constructed on the site will be used to reduce the facility's electrical energy consumption. Rainwater is not permitted to percolate into the mined ground; instead, it is captured and recycled through a "grey water" system that reduces the dependence on the local water utility supply.